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The WesBank World of Fuel Economy is a webpage dedicated solely to informing and educating consumers on all aspects surrounding vehicle fuel economy. In essence we feel that more informed consumers will be more fuel-efficient drivers and thus enjoy significant cost savings, especially in the long run.

Furthermore, we also offer data that can make your next vehicle buying experience a much more knowledgeable one, especially regarding the real-world fuel efficiency data of current vehicles sold on the South African market.

Driving more efficiently should become a way of life and this website provides guidance for consumers through informative video tips, the latest related news, as well accurate, real-world fuel economy data.

Fuel Economy Vehicle Performance List

  • All fuel costs calculated as per fuel and diesel prices on 6 November 2019. (Cost supplied by AA)
  • 95-Octane: R 16.08 (Inland), R 15.44 (Coastal)
  • 50ppm Diesel: R 14.74 (Inland), R 14.20 (Coastal)
  • All figures are listed without penalties
YearModelEngine ConfigurationTotal Mileage (km)Ideal Driving TimeTotal Fuel UsageTotal Fuel Cost (ZAR)Fuel Consumption Litre/100kmCost per km (ZAR)Possible Saving on trip with FNB E-Bucks rewards (R4.00 per litre) (ZAR)Possible Total Saving on trip with FNB E-Bucks rewards and WesBank Finance Rewards (Additional R4.00 per litre) (ZAR)Adjusted possible cost per km with FNB and WesBank Assistance (ZAR)
2019Renault Captur 1.5DCi PHZ1 500cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m115.011633.144.730.67460.04920.090.29
2019Toyota Aygo 1 000cc Petrol2431.5529h03m117.441813.274.830.74469.77939.550.35
2019Nissan Qashqai 1.5TD1 500cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m117.931674.64.850.68471.72943.440.30
2019Fiat Tipo 1.3 Multi-Jet1 300cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m118.171678.014.860.69472.69945.380.30
2019Renault Kwid Climber1 000cc Petrol2431.5529h03m120.361858.254.950.76481.44962.890.36
2019Renault Duster 1.5DCi1 500cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m123.031747.165.060.71492.14984.290.31
2019Suzuki Baleno 1.4 GLX 1 400cc Petrol2431.5529h03m123.521907.145.080.78494.09988.180.37
2019Suzuki Ignis 1.2 GLX1 200cc Petrol2431.5529h03m123.7619115.090.78495.06990.120.37
2019Suzuki Swift 1.2 GLX1 200cc Petrol2431.5529h03m124.251918.425.110.78497.00994.010.38
2019Mahindra XUV300 1.5D1 500cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m125.461781.675.160.73501.871003.740.31
2019Ford Fiesta 1.0T1 000cc Turbo Petrol2431.5529h03m126.681955.935.210.80506.731013.470.38
2019Mahindra KUV100 1.2D1 200cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m126.921802.45.220.74507.701015.410.32
2019Nissan Micra Turbo1 000cc Turbo Petrol2431.5529h03m127.891974.775.260.81511.591023.190.39
2019Suzuki Vitara 1.4 GLX1 400cc Turbo Petrol2431.5529h03m129.842004.725.340.82519.371038.750.39
2019Ford Kuga 1.5TDCi1 500cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m130.811857.645.380.76523.261046.530.33
2019Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4T1 400cc Turbo Petrol2431.5529h03m135.922098.65.590.86543.691087.380.41
2019Kia Picanto 1.2 Smart1 200cc Petrol2431.5529h03m137.382121.145.650.87549.531099.060.42
2019Suzuki Vitara 1.6 GL1 600cc Petrol2431.5529h03m137.862128.715.670.87551.471102.950.42
2019Suzuki Ertiga 1.5 GLX1 500c Petrol2431.5529h03m142.002192.485.840.90568.011136.020.43
2019Honda Civic 1.5T Sport1 500cc Turbo Petrol2431.5529h03m143.462215.025.920.91573.841147.690.43
2019Lexus UX Hybrid2 000cc Petrol Hybrid2431.5529h03m146.622263.816.030.93586.481172.970.44
2019Kia Sorento LX2 200cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m149.052116.516.130.87596.211192.430.38
2019Hyundai Santa Fe2 200cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m150.022130.426.170.87600.101200.210.38
2019Hyundai Venue1 000cc Turbo Petrol2431.5529h03m153.182365.256.310.97612.751225.500.46
2019Honda HRV 1.8 Elegance1 800cc Petrol2431.5529h03m153.912376.526.330.97615.661231.330.47
2019Mahindra XUV300 1.2T1 200cc Turbo Petrol2431.5529h03m156.102410.336.420.99624.421248.840.47
2019Hyundai Tucson 2.0D2 000cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m156.102216.766.420.91624.421248.840.39
2019Hyundai Creta1 600cc Petrol2431.5529h03m162.422507.916.681.03649.711299.420.49
2019Renault Duster 1.6 EXP1 600cc Petrol2431.5529h03m164.852545.436.781.04659.431318.870.50
2019Ford Ranger 2.0SiT XLT 2 000cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m165.582351.376.810.96662.351324.700.42
2019Mitsubishi Triton D/C2 400cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m166.562365.156.850.97666.241332.480.42
2019Toyota Hilux 2.8GD6 L502 800cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m167.772382.476.940.97671.101342.210.42
2019Toyota RAV4 2.0 GX2 000cc Petrol 2431.5529h03m168.992609.286.951.07675.971351.940.51
2019Nissan Navara 2.3D SE2 300cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m169.232403.296.960.98676.941353.880.43
2019Toyota Hilux 2.4GD6 SRX2 400cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m169.472406.616.970.98677.911355.830.43
2019Honda BRV 1.5 Trend1 500cc Petrol2431.5529h03m173.362676.837.131.10693.471386.950.53
2019Mitsubishi ASX2 000cc Petrol2431.5529h03m174.582695.667.181.10698.341396.680.53
2019Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross2 000cc Petrol2431.5529h03m177.252736.897.291.12709.031418.070.54
2019Mahindra Pik-Up 2.2D2 200cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m186.742651.757.681.09746.971493.940.47
2019Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2 400cc Turbo Diesel2431.5529h03m192.572734.637.921.12770.311540.630.49

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