car filling up with fuel
Huge increase in fuel tax in past decade
August 6, 2019
car filling up with fuel
Monthly fuel price calculation
August 6, 2019

How the price of fuel is made up in South Africa

Composition of the retail prices of a litre of unleaded 95 octane petrol and 50 ppm diesel fuel inland from 03/07/2019 – 06/08/2019:

Petrol 95 ULP (c/l) Diesel 50 ppm (c/l)
Wholesale margin 34.800 71.250
Secondary storage 20.900 20.900
Secondary distribution 14.600 14.600
Router differential 0.000 0.000
Retail margin 198.000 0.000
Zone differential in Gauteng 57.400 57.400
IP tracer dye levy 0.000 0.010
General fuel levy 361.000 347.000
Customs and excise duty 4.000 4.000
Road Accident Fund levy 198.000 198.000
Petroleum products levy 0.330 0.330
Slate levy 4.380 4.380
Demand side management levy 10.000 0.000
Equalisation Fund levy 0.000 0.000
Pump rounding (0.200) (0.200)
Sub total 903.210 717.870
Contribution to the basic fuel Price 677.790 734.030
Retail price 1 581.00
Wholesale price 1 451.900*


*The retail selling price of diesel fuel is not controlled.

Background information:

The price of fuel in South Africa is adjusted monthly based on a number of factors, mainly international petroleum prices and the Rand/US dollar exchange rate.

The Basic Fuel Price (BFP) is calculated based on costs associated with shipping petroleum products to South Africa from the Mediterranean region, Arab Gulf and Singapore. According to the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA or SA), these costs include insurance, storage and wharfage (the cost of harbour facilities when off-loading petroleum products into storage).

Other costs associated with the fuel price include transport costs (from harbour to inland areas), customs and excise duties, retail margins paid to fuel station owners, and secondary storage costs.