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August 16, 2019
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August 27, 2019

Public support for WesBank Fuel Economy Tour in partnership with FNB

There is significant support from the South African public for the WesBank Fuel Economy Tour in partnership with FNB that is scheduled to take place from November 12-16, according to a poll conducted by Wheels24.co.za.

Public support for WesBank fuel economy tour in partnership with FNB

The website asked its readers to share their thoughts on fuel consumption figures in South Africa and the poll received 8 600 votes: 19% said that fuel consumption figures in SA are unrealistic, while 35% said they use fuel consumption figures as a guideline when looking for a new vehicle. Only 5% of the voters said that they considered the figures available to be accurate and said having meaningful fuel consumption figures is a valuable sales technique to sell cars.

Some comments from readers were:

“It is a great initiative and one that is long overdue. As a car enthusiast and daily long-distance driver my main focus when researching a vehicle to buy is fuel consumption.”

“The fuel economy ‘test’ is done in a lab. I do stand to be corrected, but it is done at 20 degrees, at a set speed (60/80) over a set time. There is no changing of gears, hills are not factored in, or aircon etc. As such the fuel consumption looks impressive to anyone buying a car. My car is advertised at 9/6 l/100km. My four-year average is 11.1 and I calculate 12l/100km for day to day driving.”

“A very good initiative. All manufacturer claims are inaccurate. Total had a similar event some time back. However, the auto manufacturers tuned the engines for maximum fuel efficiency at the cost of power. Drivers drove as slow as possible.”

“Everyone should know that these figures are derived under testing in ideal conditions and where the best consumption is attained. To assume that one will get these numbers in real life conditions is ludicrous. My experience has shown that on average you can add 20% to the claimed figures and that will be about right.”