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  • Our Top 10 Fuel Saving Tips
    Adapt your driving style over time. With a more fuel-efficient driving style a fuel saving of around 2-litres could be much more than expected over a […]
  • car filling up with fuel
    Fuel saving tips
    The lack of efficient public transport means that most South Africans have to rely on minibus taxis or passenger cars for their daily commute. This means […]
  • car filling up with fuel
    Saving motoring money
    Fill up your fuel tank before a price increase is implemented or try and hold on until a reduced rate is implemented. If you drive a […]
  • Fuel economy logo
    Does freewheeling improve fuel consumption?
    Does freewheeling improve fuel consumption? Believe it or not, but the answer is “no”. Here is a very simple explanation An idling car needs fuel to […]
  • Husband and wife team make fuel economy their life calling
    John and Helen Taylor are besotted with driving cars, whether it is to set speed and distance or fuel consumption records. The Taylors, who now live […]