Turbochargers have played a major role in increasing engine efficiency and decreasing fuel consumption
August 6, 2019
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August 6, 2019

Saving motoring money

  • Fill up your fuel tank before a price increase is implemented or try and hold on until a reduced rate is implemented.
  • If you drive a diesel vehicle then check out the prices at the filling stations as the price of diesel fuel is not controlled like petrol.
  • Use one or more of the many loyalty programmes go get “free” fuel.
  • Negotiate vehicle insurance rates; it’s a very competitive market and you can save substantially by shopping around.
  • Clean your car yourself. Car valets can be expensive.
  • Park your vehicle away from other vehicles if possible as it reduces the potential for parking lot dings and scrapes.
  • Keep your vehicle licence up to date so you don’t have to pay a fine. Postal reminders seldom arrive these days so missing a licence renewal date can cost you extra money.
  • Drive less. Make sure you really need to undertake those short trips. Possibly you can walk or cycle rather than using the car. See if you can’t use public transport or make up a lift club for the daily drive to and from your place of work.
  • Check your vehicle handbook to find out the correct grade of fuel to use. It is not necessary to use 95 octane fuel if less expensive 93 octane is specified.